Copywriting Services

Rachel Smith Blogs offers a range of copywriting services to assist businesses in creating unique and industry-specific copy.

For copy to be successful, it has to be engaging, straight-forward and use the correct tone for your target audience. By identifying the type of audience, and therefore potential customers, that you want to attract, we can work together to create the perfect content for your business. 

I offer a range of monthly packages to help you keep your marketing material up to date, as well as being happy to work on one-off projects. 

"A very skilled copywriter who is able to create interesting and inspiring content that is completely on brand and adds value for the customer. Highly recommended ★★★★★"

Original and SEO targetted blog posts to help your business gain more interest from

potential customers.

email campaigns

Design and write engaging email campaigns to keep your customers up to date with business news.

website copy

Website page copy to target SEO keywords and convert website visitors into customers.

blog posts